Friday, November 7, 2008

Dear Sarah

Dear Sarah,

You showed more class and courage than any other politician in recent memory, second perhaps only to Ronald Reagan. You kept true to your core values, even though you were squeezed and pushed and prodded by Mccain's campaign and the disgusting troupe of clowns that pass for main stream media in this country. Even worse to me to witness were the catty, immature and often vulgar comments directed towards you by other women...women who claim to be feminists, women who claim to want to see a woman finally punch through the highest, hardest, glass ceiling in the US.

Well if this is their idea of feminism, then I reject it. I reject the notion that a woman should be fair game for target practice, or in this case a public stoning just because she dares to be a conservative. How shameful for all those women of the 60s and 70s who so proudly marched and protested and demanded equal rights for big sisters in a way. I grew up as you did, Sarah in the shadow of their courage. I looked up to them, even though some eventually supported what they feel is the ultimate woman's right---the right to murder her unborn child. It was because of their courage, I was able to join the Army at 18 and serve as a helicopter mechanic a career path previously open only to men. It was because of their courage, women all around me joined the workforce and made marvelous careers for themselves and learned to be self sustaining economically and find self fulfullment within themselves and not attach it to their husband.

I'm sorry for those who take such teenagerish delight in trying to torment you, because you are who you are...intelligent, devoted to your faith, family and values, unashamedly patriotic, and deeply and uncompromisingly conservative. I stand united with you Sarah and all the conservative women in our country who for years have listened to the snickers and derision of our "sisters" because we stand firm in what we hold dear...just as they do, yet more often than not they are welcomed with courtesy and compassion...not derision and scorn.

So, take your time, go home and rest, God knows how much you've earned it. When you are ready, we will be here...your sisters who want to see you succeed. I will be ready whenever you are.

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