Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tonight I'm just a mom

So, our dear leader did it. He set the filthy coward free who planned ,plotted and finally executed a terrorist strike on the USS Cole. 17 of our nation's sailors were murdered.

Tonight I'm thinking about the moms. Did the mothers of those young sailors have a chance to tell them good bye, sleep tight, I love you? Moms always tell their babies, be safe, be careful...keep your eyes open. My father served in the Navy during WWII and again in Korea. My son joined the Navy in 2001, my nephew still serves in the Navy. So I feel as though any of those names could have been one of my cherished family. When a I kissed my son goodbye at the recruiting station, it was one of the most wrenching experiences imaginable. I wanted to hold on to him and tell him he couldn't go. I knew it would be dangerous. I understand the nature of the military very well.

But, back then, I was naive. I had a belief that if my son were ever captured or killed, my country would do all in her power to ensure that he would be brought home safely and if the worst happened, then his killers would be caught and punished. I wonder if these moms believed that too. We were all so stupidly naive back then...before Sept 11. This attack was almost a year before Sept 11, 2001...and we were still naive.

I can't even begin to imagine the feelings of the moms of these sailors tonight. What does it feel like when your own president betrays the courage and honor of your child? What does it feel like when the scab is ripped away from the bleeding remains of your grief and great handfuls of disdain and condescension are rubbed into the wound? I feel the hard knot of grief in my own chest and an aching fire starting to build in my soul at the continued disdain with which this president is crunching everything that is right about our country beneath his heel. This is only the first month. We have a very long way to go...and I know there will be many more grieving mothers before we are through.

Btw...any crazy jihadis out there. I have many sons. All of my sons are quite capable of killing you. All of my sons are quite efficient with many different types of firearms. And all of my sons know the truth of islam and what YOU are planning. I know, because I taught them.

Killed in the incident were:
Electronics Technician First Class Richard Costelow, Morrisville, Pa.
Signalman Seaman Recruit Cheron Ouis Gunn, Rex, Ga.
Seaman James Rodrick McDaniels, Norfolk, Va.
Seaman Recruit Lakiba Nicole Palmer, San Diego, Calif.
Operations Specialist Second Class Timothy Lamont Saunders, Ringold, Va.
Ensign Andrew Triplett, Macon, Miss.
Seaman Apprentice Craig Bryan Wibberley, Williamsport, Md.
Hull Maintenance Technician Third Class Kenneth Eugene Clodfelter, Mechanicsville, Va.
Mess Management Specialist Seaman Lakeina Monique Francis, Woodleaf, N.C.
Information Systems Technician Seaman Timothy Lee Gauna, Rice, Texas
Engineman Second Class Mark Ian Nieto, Fond Du Lac, Wis.
Electronics Warfare Technician Third Class Ronald Scott Owens, Vero Beach, Fla.
Engineman Fireman Joshua Langdon Parlett, Churchville, Md.
Fireman Apprentice Patrick Howard Roy, Cornwall on Hudson, N.Y.
Electronics Warfare Technician Second Class Kevin Shawn Rux, Portland, N.D.
Mess Management Specialist Third Class Ronchester Mananga Santiago, Kingsville,Texas
Fireman Gary Graham Swenchonis, Jr., Rockport, Texas

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