Friday, October 17, 2008

He Questioned the Messiah

...and now look what has happened to Joe the plumber. His private life has been so completely investigated that everyone now knows that he was divorced, he's 34, has a tax lien, etc..etc... The main stream media has spent more time and energy investigating Joe, who is NOT running for any office, than they have ever spent investigating B. Hussein Obama's ties to corruption and fraud and outright murderers, but shhhhh...hes The One, or as McCain says.."That One" Joe has been mocked and ridiculed on almost every MSM outlet, even mocked by The Messiah and his little pal Joe the Senator. To hell with both of you morons. I pray every day that you two don't get your socialist hands on my country.

How dare you Joe? How dare you stand up and question the Messiah. Why...why...that's such a purely American thing to do. At least it used to be, before the unthinking and unblinking masses of ill educated Americans gave up their ability to think for themselves. I can almost hear the chants of "O-bam-a, O-bam-a" as they come marching up the street--who are they coming for next? You? Maybe me...probably at some point I'm sure they will.

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