Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Damn Them

When I attended my first TEA party in February, I went with a mixture of excitement and felt a touch of pride. The excitement was because I had never attended a political protest--the pride came because I felt as though I was truly a patriot in the sense that I was planning to exercise my right to peacefully assemble to protest the government for a very valid reason.

This time though, I am nervous and filled with dread. I am nervous those flaky moonbats will show up and some how suck me into interacting with them. Oh I have a plan, but, Mr. Murphy will show up and bring his stupid law and my plans will become his victim, most likely. I don't want to screw this up for the rest of the movement, of course, I could argue with myself that I am not that important that anything I say tomorrow will screw up the TeaParty movement, but I do tend to blurt things out...So I'm going to avoid the moonbats tomorrow if I possibly can, of course it would be very helpful if the flakes tied a sign around their necks or something.

The dread comes in because I'm going to be attending a rally in a larger city and I read the DHS report, then I listened to this exerpt of an interview with the Under Secretary person at DHS. He couldn't deny that DHS will be at the protests filming or taking pictures. Did you hear me? He couldn't deny that DHS won't be taking pictures of the protestors. They aren't going to make a scrap book with those pictures. Those pictures will NOT be used for any thing good.

SO,the damned moonbats and the damned DHS types have completely freaked me out. I dread going to the TEA party, but I'm going. I won't let them intimidate me into staying home. I WON'T allow my fear of my government force me to become mute. I won't allow my fear of confrontation and bullies keep me from doing what I know to be my duty to try to protect the Constitution and my beloved nation.

So listen up all you damned, flaky statists...I'm not going away. You can scare me. You can bully me. You can threaten me. You can mock me. You can label me an enemy of my beloved nation...but I am not going away. It is a disquieting bit of knowledge to come to the understanding that elements of my nation, in a department that is supposed to protect ME from terrorists---now view ME as a right wing extremist. ME. I am a middle aged, slightly greying suburbanite, grandma who has never been arrested, never been sued, never even had an over due library book, the last speeding ticket I had was in the 80s, I vote regularly, I even have a bird feeder and a goldfish pond in my front yard for crying out loud. I am engaged in my community and church, and I am now labeled by my government as a right wing extremist...the world has indeed gone upside down, nuking futs.
(TEAparty FEB 09)

So, now, maybe I can sleep...maybe.

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