Friday, April 24, 2009

This is what the Taliban does to THEIR prisoners of war--graphic.

While Pelosi and her crew whine about how American troops treat the enemy in Gitmo and interrogation, this is how the Taliban treats their captured enemies. It is brutal and graphic and I want you to send this video to every jihadi sympathizer you know, including your congress person...This is who our men and women are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. This is what we have to stop.

This comes via my friends over at Infidel Bloggers Alliance, if you havn't stopped by there yet, you really should, it's a goldmine of information.

Taliban Behead Pakistani Troops In Swat Video

What Rusty says here about this video is mild. I'm at work so could only sneak a couple seconds peak. It is really horrible. Really. And I actually have mixed feelings about posting it but too many forget what we're up against now that HopenChange is ruining the show.
Besides the folks Rusty mentions should watch it maybe we should include execs from those banks who want to open branches in Iran.

from the Jawa Report:Horror: Taliban Behead Pakistani Troops in Swat Video

A video which claims to show Taliban troops in Pakistan's Swat valley murdering men accused of being "spies" for the government and the U.S. has emerged. It's really horrible and the only people who should watch it are Taliban sympathizers.

You'd think I'd be immune to the effects of these kind of snuff videos by now, but I'm not. The horror of Islamists beheading their victims in accordance with Islamic law for alleged "crimes" never really goes away.

So, if you think the Taliban are just a bunch of freedom fighters, watch this video.If you think Islamic law is some kind of noble endeavor, watch this video.Or, if you just need to be reminded of how brutal our enemies are, watch this video.

The truth is that bad things happen in war. Even our own troops sometimes make tragic mistakes and on rare occasions the occasional bad apple does something horrible. But for Taliban apologists let me remind you of two key differences.
First, we do not produce these kinds of videos as badges of honor. You do. We are embarrassed and horrified when we learn that any of our soldiers ever operate outside the rules of war. Remember Abu Ghraib? As a nation, we were ashamed.

Second, we prosecute soldiers who murder prisoners while you celebrate them. Like the Nazis and Communists before you, you are a bunch of barbarians. The sooner you are all dead, the sooner the world can rest.

Now, let me say something about the video. The video is new to me (I think). It shows a gang slowly sawing off the heads of several bound victims on a road. The second half is old footage of a young boy murdering a man as his Taliban mentors egg him on.

What is odd about the video is that during the opening credits the symbol of the al-Shabaab terrorist organization is shown. The al-Shabaab are in Somalia, not Pakistan or Afghanistan, and those doing the murdering in the video are clearly not from Africa. So, why the al-Shabaab symbol? It makes zero sense to me.Also, does any one recognize the second logo?Here's the video.(It is rough. This is your last chance to bail -- MR)

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