Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We Are So Deep in It Now

In case you missed this story, buried as it was between the hyperventilation of the MJ funeral plans and the murder of McNair, I think this one is pretty interesting.

It seems the New York Times has finally started to act like a major newspaper(emphasis on news) and published this story about an article Obama wrote when he was in college. I think this is practically the only work I have ever seen of Obama's college years. I think it is worth noting Obama's opinion on such topics as nuclear disarmament--and yesterday Obama spent the day trying to charm the Russians into disarming, along with our nation, of course.

and during his Russian tour he stated: "If Iran stops its nuclear weapon development program, the US has no reason to develop a missile defense system..." Now what kind of simple minded BS is that?
What person truly believes 1. that Iran will ever stop it's nuclear weapon development program, 2.that we will not at some point in the future NEED a missle defense system. For crying out loud, hasn't President Barry been paying attention to NORTH KOREA? How many missles did they manage to fire off over the 4th of July weekend? I'm pretty sure Hawaii, Japan and South Korea WANT a missle defense system. This man has moved from stupidly naive to dangerously stupid in just 6 months.

I agree with this guy 100%

"Evidence is mounting that Mr. Obama is a fool. This suggests that he cannot learn from his mistakes and that he will respond to negative results caused by his foolish ideas with still more and more harmful foolish ideas. He will dig deeper in the hole he has dug for himself and the rest of us. He will reinforce rather than relinquish failure. He will throw good money after bad. This, after all, is what fools do and why we call them fools. They are incorrigible. It is unfair and misleading to single out Mr. Obama for being a fool since it is obvious he is surrounded, backed, advised and supported by equal or greater fools, people who will never learn from experience, people who will react to the failure or bad outcome of imposing their foolish ideas by redoubling their folly and like Procrustes mutilating whoever and whatever needs mutilating to fit their folly. A bad business. A very bad business."

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