Thursday, July 9, 2009

We Just Aren't That Into You, Barry**Updated**

Wow, its getting rough out there, isn't it, Barry? It's the economy, Mr. President, I don't think you can keep blaming Bush for this mess.

Wow, somehow I don't think the One saw this coming. This is good news for our nation. Yes, I know, there I go again...he didn't have enough time, he inherited a whole bunch of problems, it's not his fault, he's just misunderstood and attacked, etc, etc. In my hometown paper, after the elections and in between the shouts of “raaaacist” whenever I would voice a concern I had about the incoming Obama administration I was met with “well give him time...he’s only been president for X number of days”

Should we give him a few more days? Perhaps then, he will really hit his stride and be the great leader the mainstream media promised us. Perhaps the president should wake up from the dreams of his father and take a long hard look at the reality of the world around him, before his support slips any further. But, how can this be possible? Wasn't Barry Sotero aka Barack Hussein Obama supposed to be the One? Wasn't he supposed to be the one who was going to fix our souls as Michelle Obama pronounced? It would seem his support is slipping just a bit, down from +30 all the way to a -5 ...

But here is what I think this means, that America is finally getting wise to President's motives and they are backing away in a hurry, because by now, most Americans realize this man is spending far more money than we will create in our lifetimes and is showing no signs of slowing down. In my opinion, too many Americans just don't understand the dangers of a socialistic form of government so they tune that part out--or attribute it to more "right wing" bloviating.

However, start hitting the average American family, already struggling to pay their bills and find work, with more debt and higher taxes, that is when it appears they start to pay attention. We are stretched out over a barrel, America. Pay attention or pay more taxes...that's almost bumper sticker material.

Mr. President, you are wrong and you need to just take a time out and re-think, in my opinion. As I said yesterday:

I agree with this guy's comment at American Thinker, 100% "Evidence is mounting that Mr. Obama is a fool. This suggests that he cannot learn from his mistakes and that he will respond to negative results caused by his foolish ideas with still more and more harmful foolish ideas. He will dig deeper in the hole he has dug for himself and the rest of us. He will reinforce rather than relinquish failure. He will throw good money after bad. This, after all, is what fools do and why we call them fools. They are incorrigible.

It is unfair and misleading to single out Mr. Obama for being a fool since it is obvious he is surrounded, backed, advised and supported by equal or greater fools, people who will never learn from experience, people who will react to the failure or bad outcome of imposing their foolish ideas by redoubling their folly and like Procrustes mutilating whoever and whatever needs mutilating to fit their folly. A bad business. A very bad business."

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