Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baptist Pamphlets Spew Anti Catholic Rhetoric

As a Catholic child of the South, these false beliefs about the Catholic faith are nothing new to me, however, it shocked a good friend of mine (from "up North") enough that she sent it to me. We both were saddened that this erroneous and very false teaching about the Catholic faith and the faithful is still going on in this day and age. I reminded her that I encountered some very anti- Catholic rhetoric on my local newspaper's website, not too long ago, including the ridiculous statement that Catholics are not Christians, we do not read a Bible, our spiritual leader is the anti-Christ, etc, etc.

I just do not understand why anyone would deliberately spread such falsehoods about other Christians. It isn't that hard to call the local Catholic church and ask them to verify or help explain some of the concerns one might have about the Catholic faith. OR jump on the web and use some genuine resources for information. If one is truly interested in knowing what Catholics believe about Holy Communion it is not that hard to find out. It seems to me, that finding out the truth about another Christian religion before spreading falsehoods, would be a great act of charity.

Nevertheless, the irony of these ugly pamphlets appearing as we Christians are deep into the season of Lent preparing for the Easter season, does not escape me either.

Baptist church pamphlets cause controversy with Catholic church in Pigeon Forge
PIGEON FORGE (WATE) - Two Baptist church pamphlets are causing controversy with a Roman Catholic church in Pigeon Forge.

The pamphlet suggests the Roman Catholic church isn't Christian and the pope is an anti-Christ.
While some people say the pamphlet expresses religious freedom, others say it's a hate crime.

Father Jay Flaherty, of Holy Cross Catholic Church, said he first learned about the pamphlets when one of his youth brought one to him.

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