Monday, March 16, 2009

Iraqi Prime Minister to Obama--"Not without my permission"

Oh really Mr. Maliki? You informed BO? You are CinC now? Since when does the Iraqi prime minister tell the United States when we can leave? Did he get permission from Pelosi and Reid before he decided that OUR troops would stay everything is 100% secure? News flash for Maliki: until you get rid of the radical jihadi jackels your nation is not going to be 100% secure. Where's my shoe...


BAGHDAD (AP) -- Iraq's prime minister says U.S. troops will not be withdrawn from areas of the country that are not completely secure.

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki tells The Associated Press in an interview that he has informed President Barack Obama and other top U.S. officials that the Iraqi government must agree to any withdrawals "and must be linked to the security situation."

Al-Maliki says that he does not want U.S. troops taken out of any area unless it is "considered 100 percent secure and under control." Otherwise, withdrawals will be postponed.

The prime minister spoke aboard his plane traveling from Australia to Baghdad.

How about a little motivation to get your country 100% secure. hmm??

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