Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Response to Disappointed Catholics

"He garnered the majority of Catholic votes in the 2008 election, but a number of Catholic groups now say President Obama is showing a complete lack of regard for their beliefs."

Oh Reaaally? You stupid, STUPID, selfish Catholics who thought you could vote for a man who demonstrated a complete lack of regard for YOUR beliefs when he blatantly refused to help babies who survive abortion attempts are NOW surprised that he ...what somehow hasn't magically changed into the One of your dreams? Ohhh get thee behind me O foolish ones!! And now, he has signed off on embryonic stem cell research, erased conscience protection for healthcare workers, and is going to push through FOCA and you are just NOW disappointed? When Catholic hospitals close across the nation, you disappointed Catholics who voted for this man will bear that responsibility.

I have no patience at all for your handwringing and bellybutton gazing. How many of your fellow Catholic brothers and sisters begged and pleaded with you to pay attention to the facts and stop "feeling" that he would make a difference? How many times did our POPE remind you--vote for life. "America--Choose LIFE!" Pope Benedict said to us when he visited and you didn't listen, because you were so wrapped up in your self importance that you were unable to realize that the evil one was whipering into your ear..."pay no attention to that old man, you know better than he does."

"President Obama has already reached out and won the Catholic vote," Jon O'Brien, president of Catholics for Choice, said.
"That's what happened in the last election in spite of the very loud voices of some extreme uber-Catholics who really want to paint this black and white picture -- to engage us in this endless culture war," he said."

Jon O'Brien, why do you still call yourself a Catholic? Obama did not win my vote, but I guess according to you, you pathetic sycophant of evil, that I am an extreme uber-Catholic. Well, guess are either Catholic or you aren't, there is NO middle ground. You either stand against the intrinsic evil of murdering innocent children or you enable the evil to continue. There is NO middle ground.

I really pray for all of my Catholic brothers and sisters--and I personally know quite a few and I pray for the person who drives that damned car with the OBAMA bumper sicker on it that I pass every Sunday in the parking lot.

I pray that you will come to realize what a grave injustice you helped bring about through your votes last fall and then step up to your responsibility to work as hard to correct the injustice as you did to create it.

The blood of thousands of slaughtered innocents demands it.

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