Monday, March 23, 2009

Last Week in Obamanation

I feel like I am living a very bizarre episode of "The Twilight Zone" with a script that goes something like this:

Inspite millions of the protests of millions of Americans, Congress indulged in a porkgasm that our grandchildren will have to pay for, volumes have already been written on the size, so I won't go there.

Then somewhere in the last few weeks or so, Congress gave themselves a 4% pay raise, no kidding. Then come the TARP bailouts and millions of dollars are sent overseas to "honor the contracts" with the foreign banks. Then it was AIG's turn at the trough.

Somewhere in there, roughly $200 million was promised in bonuses(from a contract that was created back in May 08). The public got wind of the bonuses and what began as a dull rumble became a full throated roar of outrage, with Barry as our Cheerleader in Chief of Outrage. Then we find out that his boy Timmy the TaxCheat had alot more to do with writing in those bonuses than even the Cheeleader in Chief knew(or so the MSM reports). Enter Barney Frankinosense who raved that it was outrageous that out of all those millions of dollars going to overseas banks and porcine projects back home that those executives would "dare" to collect those bonuses--I'm guessing it was less than 1%(of the bailout funds) give or take a few million, but whats a few million, right?

Why the hubris of those knaves! Off with their heads, Barney shouted to the approval of those in Congress who should have known better than to advocate targeting a specific group of private citizens (that pesky Constitution again), then demanded the names of those knaves so they could send Timmy the TaxCheat's little buddies to collect those ill-gotten bonuses.

But, wait, what did you say Doddering Dodd the soon to be Doorman? You said you knew about those bonuses when you voted for the bailout? You didn't? No, wait, you did? Well which is it, man? So, you and your posse knew all along about those bonuses,did you? Well now, that might explain in part why so many Republicans refused to vote for the Porkulus spending bill. The Dems just keep writing the Repubs campaign commercials, very nice of them I must say.

When the Cheerleader in Chief realized he had struck a thinly stretched chord with the "chattering classes" of Upchucky's derision and scorn, he decided to scoot out of town and let the hired help handle the rest of the week, for you see, Cheerleaders in Chief must remain spotless when the stuff starts getting flung against the wall. And fling they did. In voices(and jowls) quivering with affected affront they whipped up the chattering classes with their rhetoric and venom against those employees who refused to return their hard earned bonuses. Then in fiendish delight they passed legislation which would snatch back the bonuses in the form of exorbitant taxation--that's what you get for nay-saying the tyrants, you foolish knaves.

Then in a final disquieting display of avarice and class-envy a community organizing group( AKA Connecticut Working Families Party, not at all surprisingly, a branch of ACORN) organized(it's what they do) a bus tour through the neighborhoods of some of those greedy knaves, in order to gawk and grumble about what the greedy knaves have and the chattering classes do not have.

Nevermind it was a legally binding contract! HUSH, you cannot speak the truth in this episode, truth no longer exists. Truth was crushed beneath the bootheel of the tyranical jowl-wavers and her sister Freedom wept.

All of this brouhaha was merely a smoke screen you know. To keep us from seeing the real story of 1 trillion dollars being printed by our government to pay our government, because China will not buy anymore debt from us, neither will the rest of the world. We are now printing more money than it is worth.


And in the dark shadows the jittery jihadis wait and watch.
Take a Tour of the Tour Organizers--its only fair

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