Monday, May 11, 2009

If I am a Racist, Obama Hater...

...then, is this young man also a racist? If a white person and a black person have the same political position and the white person is called a racist because of the political position---then what about the black person? If both people have the same political and moral values could it be because those values are greater than race? Could it be because they rise above race or income or social status? Careful now, all you statists, another reality check is on the way.

“That’s liberalism in the government; they just can’t get out of people’s way. You want the war to be over---get outta the way! You want the economy fixed--- get outta the way! You want energy independence --- get outta the way...!”

On Sarah Palin “Liberal men don’t like her because she is a threat to what they want women to be---objectified. Liberal women don’t like Sarah Palin because she has been able to resist what liberalism has done to you.”

“…I watch how you liberals are trying to destroy Sarah Palin and it’s so funny that you so called all accepting, tolerant, non- judgmental liberals are the most judgmental people in America.”

“…Conservatives walk a narrow path that you liberals can barely crawl on. And you wait like trap-door spiders for conservatives to loose their balance and then inject high doses of venomous judgment”


  1. Off topic....I've been taking a look around your site and like what I see.

    You are blogrolled.

  2. Well thank you very much. I am honored. :)


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