Saturday, May 9, 2009

Still Trying to Find Sympathy

Lately I have been developing a moderate case of Obama Drama fatigue. It is partly my own fault to be sure, no one forces me to watch the news or spend hours reading and researching, always hunting the truth or at least as close as I can get to the truth...

Last week however, the Obama drama increased again when Dear Leader released the "torture memos" In spite of strong warnings from men much wiser than I, he released them. Now, he is going to release photos. Does anyone think that besides Dear Leader and Nancy Pelosi and probably Harry Reid, the Islamic extremists are going to just smile and nod and say "O thank you so much Dear Leader of the Infidels" or is it more likely they are going to default to howling in outrage and increase their violent attacks against our soldiers still in Iraq and Afghanistan? These are the same people who rioted and murdered because of a couple of cartoons.

I don't like the idea of torture. It makes me cringe. I am not sure I could interrogate someone using the methods that were allowed by the government during the Bush administration. But, I sleep at night with gratitude knowing there are men who are willing to live with deliberately inflicting fear and pain on another person, who is intent on killing other Americans. We, Americans did not ask for this fight. Why then are the Democrats trying to undermine everything we have fought for in the last 8 years? Why are they so intent to tell our ENEMIES just what they can expect in case they are captured? Do any of them realize all the enemy has to do to become stronger is simply open schools and train with the same methods outlined in those memos?

How were those terrorists tortured? Did they have acid poured all over their bodies and were they left alone in a dark room to gasp and cry until they finally died? Were they sealed up in plastic garbage bags and tossed into a dumpster until they suffocated? Were they pulled limb from limb and then ground up and sucked through a plastic tube? Were they stabbed in the back of the skull and their brains were vacuumed out until their skulls were collapsed? No? Well, then what happened to them?

They were slapped, kept awake, made to sit in uncomfortable positions, denied food and water for a time, oh...and forced to stand naked and horror of horrors, the Fuzzy Caterpillar technique. The really stubborn ones got the special of the day--water boarded. Wow...they had water poured over their faces until they cried "Uncle" Yeah, that's just horrible. Of course, they had a choice. First, they didn't have to become terrorists. Not all Muslims are terrorist, so they had a choice. Since they bypassed their first choice, let's look at the second choice--cooperation. They refused. Oh well...sorry. If you don't want to get treated like a Terrorist---then try not to act like least they have a choice.

Bloodman Obama and his bunch of Democratic lapdogs are willing to deny a helpless infant, medical care in the event of a botched abortion. They are willing to sign the death warrant for millions of Americans not yet born using methods that are beyond anything that was ever done to the terrorists in GITMO. But, the Democrats are convulsing in false outrage over the "torture memos" when they endorse, encourage and facilitate actions much worse in the name of a woman's right to choose.

I can show you videos of torture. I can show you videos of jihadis sawing off a captured Pakistani soldier's head as he lay bound and writhing on the ground. I can show you video of Talibani justice in which a woman is buried up to her chest in dirt and then stoned to death. I can show you videos of a woman being beaten and burned by the Taliban for accidentally showing her ankles in public. I can show you videos of torture, but please don't try to tell me what happened to those TERRORISTS in GITMO was torture.

Maybe when Bloodman Obama finds his elusive moderate taliban, I will find my elusive sympathy for GITMO detainees...or maybe not.


  1. These are the same people who rioted and murdered because of a couple of cartoons.Interesting that you should mention that.

    Up until the cartoonifada, my husband thought that I was a ranting and raving lunatic.

    He's changed his mind as to exactly who the lunatics are.

    Excellent post, BTW.

  2. Thank you once again. I am always disgusted at the double standard the islamofascists have for themselves vs the rest of the world. Unfortunatly there is no cure for stupid...


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