Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meeting Mary

Although I am without merit and am, indeed, conscious of my many sins, I havethe utmost trust in Your Passion, Lord Jesus, and in the merits of Your Mother, the glorious and holy Virgin Mary. It is upon her that I wish to dwell for a moment; I pray, therefore, that I may be made worthy of doing so, since I dare not approach her without first being given permission.

I am well aware that due to my unworthiness I ought not present myself before this supremely worthy woman whom even the Angels admire and venerate, while exclaiming:"Who is this that arises from the desert of the world and overflows with the delights of paradise?"

Therefore, dearest Mary, it is unseemly that I should dare to dwell on the thought of your beauty and your greatness, for I am but dust and ashes and am even the vilest creature on earth since I am a sinner and inclined to every kind of perverse act.

You, however, have been made higher than the heavens, you have the world beneath your feet and are worthy of honor and reverence because of the exalted state of your Son. Your ineffable kindness, which transcends every imagination, enchants me and draws my affections to you, for you are the comfort of the afflicted and always ready to help wretched sinners.

Thomas A Kempis "The Imitation of Mary"

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