Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meeting Mary 3-7

I am very much in need of great consolation and especially of your Son's grace, because I am utterly unable to help myself. but if you, most merciful Mother condescend to look upon my littleness, you can in many ways help and strengthen me with abundant consolation. Therefore, as soon as I feel burdened with difficulties and temptations, I shall have immediate recourse to you, for where grace abounds, mercy is more at hand.

If, then, I would attempt to grasp your exceptional glory and greet you in a worthy way from the depths of my heart, I must advance with a very pure spirit, for those who presume to approach your door without due reverence obtain not glory but a justified disgrace. Anyone approaching you must proceed with the greatest reverence and humility, but also with great hope of being admitted in virtue of your mercy and clemency.

I come to you, therefore, with humility and reverence, with devotion and confidence and with the greeting of Gabriel on my lips --- a greeting that I joyously repeat with head bowed in respect and with hands open in deep devotion. I pray that this greeting may be repeated a hundred, a thousand, and even more times on my behalf by all the heavenly spirits. Indeed, I do not know anything dearer and more worthy I can offer you than this greeting.

Listen now to one most enamored of your name:"Heaven rejoices and earth is amazed when I say : Hail, Mary! Satan flees, hell trembles when I say: Hail, Mary! The world becomes contemptible, the flesh foul, when I say: Hail, Mary! sadness disappears and joy returns when I say: Hail, Mary!
     "Tepidity vanishes and the heart is inflamed with love when I say: Hail, Mary! Devotion grows, compunction is born, hope intensifies, and consolation is increased when I say: Hail, Mary! The soul is renewed and the inclination to good is strengthened when I say: Hail, Mary!"

So intense is the sweetness of this blessed greeting that it cannot be expressed in human words. It remains forever loftier and more  profound than any creature can grasp. Therefore, I kneel again before you, Most Holy Virgin Mary, and say: "Hail, Mary! Full of grace."

My most merciful Lady, Holy Mary, accept this very devout greeting and, with it, me as well, so that there may be something in me that pleases you, strengthens my trust in you, enkindles in me an ever increasing love, and keeps me forever devoted to your holy name.

Thomas A Kempis "The Imitation of Mary"

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