Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm sick of hearing "O poor Palestine"

I am so sick of hearing of how horrible it is that Hamas and company are being so badly treated by the big mean IDF. Israel isn't the ones lobbing unaimed rockets into civilian populations, Israel isn't using women and children and the elderly as human shields because they are TOO COWARDLY to come out and fight like a soldier...No, that isn't Israel.

Check out this video from Carl in Jerusalem

and even better, see them for yourself, here protesting in Canada. I have yet to see one single Jewish man, woman or child chanting "death, death to Hamas"

Where is the world's outrage at a people who hide weapons in a schoolbuilding or a mosque? Where is the world's outrage at anyone who would scream "Go back to your oven" When the Palestinians get tired of their people being used as meat shields for these cowards, maybe then they will start to report some of them and maybe next time they get a chance to have an election they will remember the terror they live with today...and vote for true freedom.

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