Friday, January 30, 2009

Obama hates white people.

Yeah, I said it. If I use the same demented logic the Bush haters used during the Katrina disaster, then yes Obama hates white people. Here's how I got there...

Since this week's ice storm, over 607,000 people are without electricity in Kentucky alone. Yet, while hundreds of thousands of Americans shiver in the freezing cold,fighting for life, Obama and Congress dine on wazuu (or something) steak that costs around $100 a serving, sip expensive cocktails and Obama decrees that "he doesn't like the cold" then orders the White House thermostats to be set at temperatures so warm it reminds him of his home in Africa...I mean Hawaii. Temperatures so warm he can work without his suit jacket---yet he tells the rest of us to sacrifice and wear a sweater so we can lower our energy bills and save the planet.

As far as I can tell, Obama hasn't even mentioned the ice storm and the power outages, some three days later. I can remember the demented howls of the media driven left when President Bush didn't immediately leap into his Bushmobile and swoop in to save the poor misguided populace of New know that Chocolate City of Mayor Nagan's dreams.

Now, I havn't googled it, but I'm pretty sure the general population of Kentucky is overwhelmingly white and I am reasonably certain that Kentucky does not rank in the top five of average income earners, so applying the same logic that was so generously applied to President Bush...Obama hates white people.

It is a conspiracy to kill off the whites because everyone knows the long and oppressive history of the whites in Kentucky. Its payback for the years of slavery that Obama some how identifies with, when in fact his father was from Africa, a muslim and possibly somewhere in that family's history on the opposite end of slavery than America's blacks. But, a minor inconvenient point, right?

Do you see how stupid you liberals sounded to the rest of the common sense people in America during the Katrina disaster? Come on media people, fair is fair, you have to cover the ice storm with the same breathless horror as you did the Katrina disaster, otherwise aren't you risking the Republicans using the Fairness doctrine argument against you?

To the people of America who are affected by this ice storm, hang in there and thank you for showing the rest of the country how true Americans handle a crisis, without resorting to raping, murder, looting, and whining. Take care Americans and I'm praying for you.

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