Monday, January 19, 2009

A tribute to Sarah

Classy video.
I will be back later to insert some thoughts about this woman and women in general, but right now Im heading back to the sofa to watch the next playoff game with hubby.
Ah, I'm back. It is Monday morning and after a full 24 hours of minimal msm garbage I think I am rested enough to take a peek at the morning's headlines. I've been thinking about what I want to say about Sarah. I belong to Team Sarah an organization of men and women committed to helping 1. Sarah in her next election and 2. Meeting the smear campaigners head on where ever we encounter them. This next article falls right in line with that. It seems they aren't content with regurgitating their lies and "wishful thinking" on the news media outlets, now they've decided to inflitrate all the sites dedicated to helping Sarah. In the blogging world we call them "trolls"

I know for a while the standard method of dealing with trolls has been to simply ignore them and wait for them to go away. And it worked for a while. However, due to evolution (yes even trolls have the ability to evolve apparently) they've learned a new trick Post on a conservative website the most disgusting or vile comments they can imagine about race or women, then take a screen shot and use that to point out "Look over at this blog how mean and horrible! They support Sarah...this PROVES she's a raaaccist."

Now, I'm not in law enforcement, but this feels alot like planting evidence to me. Which, just goes to show that not all evolution is a positive thing...

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