Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just a note

When historians look back at President Bush's legacy, maybe someone will read this article. I don't care if you personally like the man, the truth of what he has accomplished should not be denied. Of course the flakes on the left will---and I suppose that is alright with me. The more those people speak the more rediculous they sound, IMHO.

"Here is a politically incorrect assessment: Today President George W. Bush
will hand over to his successor a Middle Eastern foreign policy outlook far
brighter than the one he inherited from Bill Clinton. The 44th US president will
have in the Gulf area and beyond what No. 43 so desperately missed: freedom of
action to react to upcoming crises...

Eight years on, the US position in the Gulf looks much more
manageable: Strenuous double containment of Iraq and Iran has given way to
difficult but doable containment of Iran. Today, Iraq looks like the most
promising country in the entire region. In Baghdad, the Arab world's only
democratic government has gained authority throughout the country. Sunnis,
Shi'ites and Kurds have looked into the abyss of civil war and wisely shrank
back from the edge. Baghdad is running up a budget surplus of $70 million, which
will render peaceful deal making among Iraq's tribes and religious factions
easier. The country enjoys freedom of the press, and rebuilding is in full

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