Friday, January 9, 2009

This poem might not make much sense to most of you who read this, but there is a few who will understand and recognize Skeleton Woman instantly...

Making Love to Skeleton Woman
by BoneWolf

When you rise from the murky depths of my soul
Teeth chatter, bones clatter
You whisper love to me
You call me to your embrace
I have much to learn from you.
I need to learn from you.

I no longer row faster
in a vain attempt to silence you.
I stop.
And embrace into my soul
all that you are speaking.
I do not always understand
but, I always listen.

You've risen once again to caution me
to guide me
to make love to my soul.
You are not gentle
You are not sweet
You are honest
You are truth

Let me lay down again with you
Skeleton Woman
Let me feel your bones among my own
Feel my heart beating into yours
And let me know the truth

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